Internet Radio Tuners & Streamers

This series is now discontinued and will be updated with the Dynamyte Music Engine module in the next few months and will become the MDS-800 Series with smart phone and tablet control. All existing Internet Radio Tuners will be upgradeable to the new module.

For your listening pleasure, here is a list of popular Internet Radio Stations.

MD 809T SE (Signature Edition)
Internet Radio Tuner


The 809 Signature Edition has the same features as the 809 plus:

  • All boards to be hand soldered

  • New Audio board featuring transparent 0.093 thick board, 100% gold plated traces inside and on the surface

  • Teflon by-pass caps

  • Premium grade Cryo-treated and matched Telefunken Black Diamond tubes with matched premium resistors

  • The new TRACC MKII audio control board that Zdenko Zivkovic has spent 10 years perfecting including fully balanced output of the audio board and optional DAC

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MD 809T Internet Radio Tuner


The 809 features the same TRACC Audio board and power supply as the 109 FM tuner. Instead of the FM tuner board it uses the Frontier Silicon Venice 8 digital module to provide Internet Radio stations, FM and MY Music playback through your network or the USB input. The 809 has a 7 inch color touch screen and remote control. The 809 also has the Burr-Brown 24/192 up-converting over-sampling balanced DAC built in. For your convenience you have two co-ax and one Tos-link digital input in the back that you can switch from the remote control. The 809 features our full size chassis with matching road case.

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MD 807T Internet Radio Tuner


The 807T features a premium audio section like our MD107 and includes our up-converting and over-sampling Burr-Brown DAC with an additional co-ax digital input so all the digital signals are processed to optimize sound.

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MD 806T Internet Radio Tuner


The 806T is our first Triode tube media tuner with our gold plated, 0.093 thick circuit board and balanced output.

  • 3.5 inch color touch screen

  • Solen poly-propylene capacitors with by-pass caps

  • Custom toroidal transformer

  • 0.093 thick gold plated circuit board

  • Kimber hyper-pure wire

  • Digital output

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MD 801 Internet Radio Tuner


The 801 is our entry level media tuner featuring our custom designed solid state audio section. Our line of INTERNET MEDIA TUNERS starts with the MD 801, but this product is far from entry-level. It is, like our long-standing line of FM tuners, worthy of inclusion in any high-performance home audio system, and even whole-house installations. And with access not only to Internet radio, but also an easy way to navigate your existing collection of digital audio, our line of INTERNET RADIO TUNERS is an exciting next step in the evolution of distributed audio.

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