Internet Radio Stations

Magnum Dynalab’s customers have been kind enough to share some of their favorite sources of Internet
Radio, which are listed below.

Amazing Radio
For indie kids. For those who like being on the edge of new music. one of the best internet radio stations for discovering your new favourite band.

Frontier Silicon
an internet network provider that supplies over 15,000 stations (and growing) from all over the world. Users are able to “browse” stations by genre, station, and country. Imagine dancing to latin music played directly from Brazil during carnival!

Mike’s Radio World
A comprehensive list of stations in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, together with station locations, format and available streaming bit rates. Internet-only stations are deliberately excluded. Blind Radio has less information about each station, but is world-wide and claims to be updated daily.

Blind Radio
Created in 2003 as a blind-friendly internet radio website addressing the growing needs of blind and visually impaired.

The idea was simple and remains so – a well designed site should be available to as many users as possible. Blind & Visually Impaired don’t just like radio – they ‘need’ radio as most other media resources are inaccessible so we decided to ensure the site could be used by them.

Today, it is internationally known as both reliable and accessible and is the leader. It is one of a family of internet radio directories which are now reference points in their sectors.
Individual stations for each instrument. (Up to 256K)

AVRO Baroque around the Clock
Enjoy the comfort of for free, and listen to AVRO Baroque around the Clock easily on internet radio. You can find an extensive selection of internet radio stations and live streams from the whole world on this site. In addition to AVRO Baroque around the Clock, you can discover plenty of other favorite stations.

CRo D-dur – Classical Music

CRo Jazz – Jazz Music

CRo Leonardo – Science, nature, and travel

Rock Radio 1
A 24 hours rockstation with newrockmusic and a little bit of classic rock.

AVRO Klassiek Film – Movie themes
Site located in Hilversum, Netherlands
Radio Genre: Classical
Stream type: MP3, 256K film.html

Beats 1
Apple’s very own 24/7 global radio station. Expect to hear the best new tunes from the hottest new acts and biggest artists first. For pop kids, indie lovers, and hip-hop heads.


NME 1 and NME 2
NME’s very own internet radio stations offer you two options for your listening pleasure. NME 1 brings all the best indie anthems together, while NME 2 will help you keep up to date with the best new music, as well as treating you to the best tunes of the past decade.

Calm Radio
Radio Genre: Acoustic, classical, relaxation, world, jazz, holiday, atmospheres
Stream type: 192K

Art International Radio
AIR is one of the most smartly curated arts stations on the planet. All music, interviews, documentaries and experimental pieces are also available on demand via its website.

Broadway World
Dedicated entirely to showtunes and theatrical news. Having been operational for the best part of a decade, the station plays everything from Cole Porter to Elton John.

A world–class indie and alt–rock radio station in Seattle.

Classical, folk and world music networks from Sweden.

NTS Radio
R&B-discovery to programmes dedicated to free jazz, vaporwave, house, hardcore, and practically every other genre you can think of.

Soma FM
Over 20 wonderfully varied channels, covering everything from folk to ambient music inspired by the Nasa space programme. Funded by its listeners and therefore maintains a completely ad–free schedule.

Moscow Radio
This friendly, Moscow–based English language station provides an upbeat mixture of music, news and information on cultural events in the capital.

Cambridge 105
A varied selection of programs, covering everything from old 78 records to local authors to roots reggae and rock.
This eclectic, ad–free station is based in Papakowhai, New Zealand. It gives airtime to DJs with interests in everything from 1950s rhythm and blues to cutting edge electronica, and is a regular source of musical surprises.

Grooveshark: Self-Directed Radio
This is not a conventional Internet radio station where a DJ or database designs the playlists. Instead, you choose your own songs with the playlist creator. There are hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from . If you’re willing to put in ten minutes of effort to design your own playlist, Grooveshark will not disappoint. Advertising is a sidebar of visual ads on the right, which can be removed for 3 dollars per month.

Canadian Web Radio
A compilation of links to traditional Canadian radio stations that also stream their shows across the Web.

Acoustic Alternative
Acoustic and alternative music. Charlestown, Ska, punk, and other genres can be found here.

While Spotify is limited to the USA, Spain, the UK,and parts of Europe at this time, it’s already a massive hit with listeners. As they surmount music licensing challenges, Spotify hopes to expand into other countries soon.

Spotify is a fast and reliable radio system that outstrips the competition. Spotify differentiates itself from iTunes and Pandora by behaving as a massive external hard drive (i.e. it plays full songs and albums as if you owned the CD). As a recommendation and discovery tool, Spotify also stands out: it reads your own music collection and playlists from your hard drives, and then suggests new releases, top-10 lists, and your friends’ music lists.

The service is free and unlimited for six months. After that, users can continue to receive free music with some limitations on number of hours, or else they can subscribe for five dollars a month.

Worldwide FM
Music from all over the globe. Afro soul, soca, tropical disco, post-rock, and more.