This is a powerful DAC in a small package with our TRACC Triode tube audio stage. The ESS Sabre DAC does the processing and the sampling rates are displayed on screen. The triode tube audio stage adds the life like musicality to the DAC. The tube sound with a digital source is made to work together. Control your inputs from the LCD touch screen.


  • HD-USB to 24/192 Asynchronous ESS Sabre DAC with sampling to 384 and DSD
  • Sampling rate displayed on screen
  • TRACC triode tube audio section
  • 5 inch TFT high resolution color LCD touch screen
  • Half size chassis can fit two Dynamyte products side by side or stack
  • Wi-Fi updates available over the internet for software
  • Inputs: HD USB, coax 1 and 2, tos-link
  • Analogue output