Certified Used

Our customers love this program. We accept your old tuner on trade against any of our new models (or other certified used tuners). Our CERTIFIED USED products are refurbished, must meet factory spec and must be in good cosmetic shape to qualify. These products also come with a one year warranty parts and labor as well. This schedule gives you the purchase price and the trade in credits we will allow you against a new tuner.

You may purchase a Certified Used product even if you don’t currently own a Magnum Dynalab product.

You must contact us to check on available stock. Please select the product you would like to upgrade.

    • FT101

      Purchase: 375.00 USD
      Trade: 275.00 USD

      Our first FM tuner and our most popular used tuner. The FT101 started us on our road to building the best FM tuners in the world. This unit was introduced in 1985.

    • FT101A

      Purchase: 575.00 USD
      Trade:450.00 USD

      The FT101A was the updated version of the FT101 with improved FM and audio performance. It was introduced in the year 1990. Replaced by the MD90 in 2000.

    • Etude

      Purchase: 750.00 USD
      Trade: 625.00 USD

      The Etude was the special version of the FT101A. It had an upgraded audio section with polypropylene capacitors, WBT RCA connectors, our brass flywheel precision tuning system and an improved RF section. Introduced in 1990 and replaced by the MD100 in 2000.

    • MD 108

      Purchase: 2975.00 USD
      Trade: 1800.00 USD

      The MD 108 was introduced to great fanfare in 1996 as the world’s best tuner at this time. It won the Stereophile component of the year award and many accolades. This was our first tuner in the large format size that featured dual transformers, the 108RF board and a Class A audio section with tubes. A hit feature was Magnum’s first tuner to use a magic eye tuning tube and our premium meter set from Sifam in the UK and featured our popular blue road case. Replaced in 1995 with the 108Triode.

    • MD 102/105

      MD 102
      Purchase: 1500.00 USD
      Trade: 1150.00 USD

      MD 105
      Purchase: 1800.00 USD
      Trade: 1300.00 USD

      The MD 102 was introduced in 1998 and was very well received as our mid-market tuner. It featured a 5 stage tuner which was fully shielded, an enhanced audio section with MIT or Audio cap capacitors, the precision flywheel tuning system and balanced output in our new mid-size all aluminum chassis. It was replaced by the MD105 in 2010.

    • MD 100

      Purchase: 1100.00 USD
      Trade: 900.00 USD

      The MD100 replaced the Etude in 1991 and became a very popular tuner for us. It was the first tuner to feature our all new tuning board the MDX2000 and had the same features as the Etude with upgraded audio section, precision flywheel tuning system and came standard with balanced output. It was replaced by the MD90SE in 2014.

    • MD 90

      Purchase: 950.00 USD
      Trade: 800.00 USD

      The MD90 was introduced in 1991 and replaced the FT101A also using our MDX2000 circuit board. It produced a whole new sound quality level for our entry level tuner with a greatly improved audio section. The MD90 has been our most popular tuner since its introduction and continues in the current lineup today. This tuner is used by radio stations throughout North America to monitor their broadcasts.

    • MD 102/105 Triode

      MD 102 T
      Purchase: 1995.00 USD
      Trade: 1600.00 USD

      MD 105 T
      Purchase: 2495.00 USD
      Trade: 1750.00 USD

      The MD102T was introduced in 2002 and was the first in our series of Triode output tuners which were launched with our newly developed MDX-T2003 circuit board. The Triode tube board was 50% thicker, had gold plated contacts and a new custom toroidal transformer. The same high quality audio components from the MD102 were featured. For the first time we could shockingly hear the difference in performance between our solid state tuners and the lifelike and musical sound produced by the tubes. It started gradually but it didn’t take long for our Triode tube tuners to become our best sellers. The MD102T was replaced by the 105T in 2010.

    • MD 100 Triode

      Purchase: 1400.00 USD
      Trade: 1100.00 USD

      The MD100T was added to the line in 2002. It includes all the features of the MD100 with the addition of the Triode tube board. It was replaced by the MD90TSE in 2014.

    • MD 90 Triode

      Purchase: 1250.00 USD
      Trade: 950.00 USD

      The MD 90T was introduced in 2003 and has become our best selling tuner. It brought the realm of a triode tubed tuner into a more affordable package. It uses Solen polypropylene capacitors in the output stage for improved audio performance. The MD90T is current in our line.

    • MD 106 Triode

      Purchase: 2500.00 USD
      Trade: 1950.00 USD

      The MD106T was introduced in 2003 and was an immediate hit. It combined our best triode tube board yet with a magic eye tube and a significantly lower price point then the MD108. The MD106T was replaced by the MD107T in 2010.

    • MD 108 Triode

      Purchase: 4950.00 USD
      Trade: 4000.00 USD

      The MD108T replaced the MD108 as the best tuner in the world in 2005. Zdenko Zivkovic had developed our TRACC audio section for the MD108T and 109. This new audio section was stunning in performance and set a new standard for accuracy, speed and musicality. This was a triode tube audio section that was an almost direct drive tube output with only Mundorf Supreme by-pass caps in line. This was also the first of our tuners to have separate audio board, dual transformer power supply and a new 108RF board that were all centrally grounded. We had an extreme increase in audio performance and low noise levels. The 108T uses premium JJ gold pin tubes that we match in house. The MD108T is still current and the 108T Signature is available in production and as an upgrade.

    • MD 109 Triode

      Purchase: 6550.00 USD
      Trade: 4800.00 USD

      The MD 109 was introduced in 2006 as our new top of the line and Reference Standard tuner. It too features the TRACC audio section but we use the Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil/Gold by-pass caps and the premium, premium JJ gold pin tubes that we match in house. The 109 features our 5.7 inch LCD touch screen that displays all the functions and controls. It also uses the larger format Sifam meters and produces a modern and stylish look. The 109 is current in the line and the 109 Signature is available in production or as an upgrade.

    • MD 107 Triode

      Purchase: 3750.00 USD
      Trade: 2950.00 USD

      This is one of our all round best looking and performing tuners for the money. It was introduced in 2010 to replace the MD106. The cosmetics were greatly improved with our one inch thick front panel, blue display and the premium Sifam meters shared with the 108T. It is current in our line-up.

    • MD 801

      Purchase: 1150.00 USD
      Trade: 950.00

      The MD801 was the first of our Internet Media tuners. They all share the same front end and the improvements as you go up relate to audio sections, DAC upgrades, screen size and power supplies. So you receive 15,000 stations, FM radio and can use MY Music to play back from music stored on your computer, USB key or hard drive. The 801 features a 3.5” color LCD with touch screen and comes with remote. It is current in our line.

    • MD 806 Triode

      Purchase: 2150.00 USD
      Trade: 1850.00 USD

      The MD 806 uses our MDi2012 Triode tube circuit board with our standard 50% thicker board, gold contacts and custom toroid transformer. The 806 audio section uses Solen polypropylene capacitors and by-pass caps for improved performance. We feel to get the best sound from a digital component you match it with tubes. The 806 comes standard with balanced output and remote. It is current in our line.

    • MD 807 Triode

      Purchase: 3650.00 USD
      Trade: 3150.00 USD

      We start off in the MD 807 by adding premium Audio cap Capacitors in the audio stage along with Mundorf Supreme by-pass caps for the next level of enhancement. The 807 also uses our own Burr-Brown designed up-converting and oversampling DAC to process all the digital signals. It also provides a digital input of your choice that you can switch to if you want to use the tuner as your DAC. It comes with balanced output and remote. The 807 is current in our line

    • MD 809 Triode

      Purchase: 5750.00 USD
      Trade: 4750.00 USD

      The MD 809 shares the same chassis, audio section and power supply as our MD109. We use a 5.7 inch color LCD display and our up-converting Burr-Brown balanced DAC to give the 809 the best performance of any Internet tuner. It has balanced output and remote. It is current in our line and the 809 Signature is now available in production and as an upgrade.

    • MD 308

      Purchase: 1350.00 USD
      Trade: 950.00 USD

      The MD308 features the same amplifier as found in the MD208 but has no tuner and VU meters to complete the faceplate. Replaced by the MD306 in 2010.

    • MD 209

      Purchase: 4250.00 USD
      Trade: 3500.00 USD

      The MD209 receiver represents a tremendous value in our line. It shares the same amplifier as our MD306 at 125 watts per channel, it is a hybrid design with tubes in the pre-amp stage combined with Sanken solid state output devices for performance and reliability. It has a large high current custom toroidal transformer, is wired with Kimber hyper-pure hook-up wire, uses Cardas RCA connectors, WBT binding posts, our premium Sifam meters and shares the same tuner board as the MD109. It doesn’t get much better than this? It is a current product.

    • MD 309

      Purchase: 5750.00 USD
      Trade: 4500.00 USD

      The MD 309 is our top rated integrated conservatively rated at 225 watts per channel. LCD screen and large format Sifam VU meters are mounted in the faceplate. The LCD touch screen allows you to set volume levels for each input. Find out why our customers feel this is the best integrated they have ever heard? It is a current product.

    • MD 307

      Purchase: 3950.00 USD
      Trade: 3000.00 USD

      The MD 307 has the identical internals as the 309 but without the LCD screen, meters and vibrapod dampers with aluminum feet. It is current.

    • MD 306

      Purchase: 3500.00 USD
      Trade: 3300.00 USD

      The MD306 shares the same amplifier as the MD209 but without the tuner board. It is a current model.

    • MD 301

      Purchase: 2250.00 USD
      Trade: 1750.00 USD

      The MD 301 is our entry level integrated amplifier still with hybrid technology using Sound Connection RCA’s and binding posts with 100 watts per channel. It is current.