Services & Upgrades

It is our goal to serve our customers for the long term. We still service our original FT101 tuners we introduced in 1985 and if you still have one we will take it on trade against any of our current line. We have a customer waiting list for these vintage tuners. We offer a flat rate service policy for all of our basic analogue tuners up to the model 107. The $175.00, lifetime, service fee covers all internal parts except tubes and exterior cosmetic issues or meters and switches. Return freight in USA and Canada is $50.00. Our receiver’s amplifiers and premium tuners have a flat rate, lifetime, price of $300 for internal service excluding tubes, meters, remotes and cosmetics. Return freight in USA and Canada is $75.00.

Upgrades and Trades
We pride ourselves on not letting our products go obsolete without offering an upgrade or trade-in path. This is the most popular program we offer according to our customers. See the upgrade and trade chart to see where your product can go to.

Upgrade Chart (PDF)

FM Tuner internal components