MD109 SE FM Tuner, Best FM Tuner

The MD 109 Signature Edition FM Tuner is not only our best tuner, but the best FM tuner in the world. Learn more
” … I never imagined that there might be literal perfection in the FM tuner category. Is there a best analog tuner
in this world of digital? Yes there is and the Magnum Dynalab MD 190-SE (Signature) is it for me.”
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MD109 SE FM Tuner, Best Tuner

The MD 109 Signature Edition FM Tuner is not only our best tuner, but the best fm tuner in the world. Learn more


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Magnum Dynalab – new ownership

April 2023 – Colquhoun Audio Labs is pleased to announce that we will be carrying the torch forward for this iconic Canadian company. All manufacturing, sales and service will now be part of our Canadian operation in Peterborough and Dwight Ontario. Colquhoun Audio is currently the owner operators of both Bryston Ltd. and Axiom Audio.

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dynamyte music streamer preamplifier

Dynamyte music streamers

Make way for the DYNAMYTE

Magnum Dynalab is pleased to announce the exciting DYNAMYTE series of diminutive components. These stylish, modern components are compact without sacrificing the quality of sound expected from our products. We introduce our TRACC audio section from our 109T, MD 108T and 809 into our pre/headphone amp, Music Audio Streamer and DAC/HD USB. All units feature a high definition 5″ TFT LCD touchscreen display.

Music Streamers

The Dynamyte Music Engine and the Music Streamer are the most up to date HD Music Streamers available. Pre-loaded for Roon, Tidal (with MQA), Spotify, Deezer, Quboz Streaming software and loaded with VTuner for Internet radio and podcasts. Learn more about the Music Streaming Services that work with Magnum’s Music Streamer and Music Engine.

Fully controllable with IOS, Android phones and tablets with digitial volume, dual wifi, multi zone control and album artwork. They play any music format and will glean music from multiple storage devices or cloud storage.

Featured in the series are the Pre/headphone amp, Music Engine, Music Streamer, HD USB DAC, Analog Tuner and DAB+ Tuners. A 100 watt per channel power amp/integrated amp/receiver and phono pre will be later additions!

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FM Tuners

FM Tuners

“Magnum Dynalab has stayed true to the path of making the best tuners it can, and its tuners are incontestably the best sounding FM devices you can buy at this time.”

Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi+ magazine.

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FM Antennas

Our antennas include the SR-100 Silver Ribbon FM Antenna, the ST-2 Omnidirectional FM Antenna, and the MD 205 Signal Sleuth – FM Amplifier.

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Integrated Amplifiers

Integrated Amplifiers & Receivers

The musicality, soundstaging and audio realism of our Integrated Amplifers and Receivers will bring you a lifetime of listening pleasure.

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MD 809 Internet Radio Tuners

Internet Radio Tuners & Streamers

With our advances in DAC design, and access to over 20,000 Internet Radio stations, we’re excited to offer a range of products that will appeal to even the most discerning of listeners.

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MD 209 Integrated Amplifier and FM Receiver

The perfect audiophile
electronics nexus

A Review of the MD 209 Hybrid FM Receiver

“To the FM enthusiast, it’s a first-class tuner with an outstanding amp and optional DAC built in for convenience. To someone looking for a good amplifier, the MD209 is an excellent amp with a superb FM tuner and a sublime DAC. And for those after an excellent digital hub, this ticks all those boxes and more. Building an FM receiver in 2016 seems almost anachronistic. Then you hear what the Magnum Dynalab MD209 does as an amplifier, a DAC, and as a tuner. After that, you start wondering why more people don’t look at a receiver like the MD209 as the perfect audiophile electronics nexus. Highly recommended!”

By Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi+ magazine.

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Have an older product that needs updating?

It is our goal to serve our customers for the long term. We still service our original FT101 Tuners we introduced in 1985, and if you still have one we will take it on trade against any of our current line. We pride ourselves on not letting our products go obsolete without offering an upgrade or trade-in path.

FM Tuner Audio Board, FM Tuner upgrades

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