MDT-1PRE – Preamplifier

dynamyte preamplifier

The Dynamyte pre-amplifier is a full featured preamplifier/headphone amplifier that takes up half of our standard component foot print. The input is controlled by our TFT LCD touch screen or your smart phone or tablet. The gold plated TRACC triode output audio board supplies the gain. The TRACC audio board has been found in our top of the line tuners for many years and now this newest revision provides the life like quality of the audio. Expand your pre-amp with a digital FM/DAB tuner.


  • Full function preamplifier combined with headphone amplifier
  • 5 inch TFT high resolution color LCD touch screen
  • 3 auxiliary inputs plus one direct input
  • Adjustable preset volume levels per input for level matching
  • TRACC triode audio board with 2 X 6922 tubes for gain
  • One fixed and one volume controlled pre-out
  • 1/4 inch headphone jack in front panel
  • Simulated VU meters in TFT color display
  • Remote control from Smart phone, Dual band Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • Half size chassis can fit two Dynamyte products side by side or stack
  • Wi-Fi updates available over the internet for software


  • Add a digital FM/DAB tuning board and DAC