MD 809T Internet Radio Tuner

MD 809T Internet Radio Tuner

The 809 features the same TRACC Audio board and power supply as the 109 FM tuner. Instead of the FM tuner board it uses the Frontier Silicon Venice 8 digital module to provide Internet Radio stations, FM and MY Music playback through your network or the USB input. The 809 has a 5.7 inch color touch screen and remote control. The 809 is also has the Burr-Brown 24/192 up-converting over-sampling balanced DAC built in. For your convenience you have two co-ax and one Tos-link digital input in the back that you can switch from the remote control. The 809 features our full size chassis with matching road case.


  • TRACC audio board from MD109
  • Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil/Gold capacitors in audio stage
  • One inch thick aluminum faceplate
  • 0.093 thick gold plated circuit board
  • Dual Custom toroidal transformer
  • Burr-Brown 24/192 DAC with 3 digital inputs controlled with remote
  • 7 inch color LCD
  • WBT RCA outputs and balanced output
  • 6922 gold pin cryo treated tubes from Electro Harmonix
  • Digital output


  • Silver faceplate
  • Signature upgrade
  • Teflon capacitors
  • Telefunken Black Diamond tubes