MD 90T Triode Tube FM Tuner

MD 90T FM Tuner

The 90T launched Magnum Dynalab into a whole new world of audio performance when Zdenko Zivkovic developed our first triode tube audio board for this model.

The difference was breathless and still is. All of our top tuners feature triode tube output stages. The 90T has become our top selling tuner.

The 90T has the same features as the MD90, plus …


  • Our custom Plitron toroidal transformer
  • A 0.093 gold plated circuit board
  • Solen polypropylene capacitors
  • An Electro-Harmonix 6922 tube


  • Precision remote control
  • Balanced output with JJ Precision Tube
  • Silver faceplate
  • Audio upgrade