MD 90 FM Tuner

MD 90 FM Tuner

The FT101 was first Magnum Dynalab Analogue FM tuner and it launched the brand in 1985. It redefined
sonically what FM could be. The FT101A was a further refined improvement on the original and the
MD90 as the replacement sets a new standard for FM quality. Even though the MD90 is our entry level
tuner it is used throughout North America by radio stations to monitor their broadcasts and for remote relays of FM signals.


  • 5 stage tuning
  • Toroidal transformer
  • Center tune, signal strength and multi-path meters
  • Gold plated Sound Connection RCA connectors
  • Kimber hyper-pure hook up wire
  • Black faceplate


  • precision remote control
  • balanced output
  • silver faceplate
  • audio upgrade