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HD Radio technology allows broadcasters to transmit a high-quality digital signal. For listeners who have an HD Radio receiver, the benefits include:

  • FM radio that sounds almost as good as a CD

  • AM radio that sounds as good as traditional FM

  • No more static, pops, crackles or fades

  • Transmission of additional information, such as song titles and artists

  • Increased listening options with multicasting

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The new MD 90 SE and MD 90T SE FM Tuners include the features of their predecessors, plus a number of new features to heighten your listening experience.

New features include

  • Balanced output - This gives you studio quality output with higher gain and less signal loss.

  • Precision Brass flywheel and clutch system - Our 0.25 kilogram, 0.6 lb., brass flywheel is mounted on a precision machined brass shaft and bearing system along with a brass clutch that controls the tuning pot to add accuracy and weight when tuning.

  • Kimber Hyper pure wire - Both the balanced and unbalanced audio outputs are wired with this premium 99.9999 % pure copper wire.

  • Solen polypropylene audio capacitors and by-pass capacitors - The final audio stage uses these premium capacitors and by-pass caps to give you speed, inner nuances and dynamic open sound staging.

You can also upgrade your MD 90 or MD 90T FM Tuner to the new SE model

Best Integrated Amp

Our lineup of Tube Integrated Amplifiers ...

309 integrated

MD 309
From our pedigree in pure analog circuitry, we're proud to introduce our most uncompromising 2-channel Integrated Amplifier.

307 integrated amp  

MD 307
The MD 307 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is, on the inside, a twin brother to the widely acclaimed MD 309. Only the faceplate design and lack of a front-panel touchscreen differentiates the two products, with the MD 307 featuring identical circuitry and functionality to the MD 309.


MD 306
The MD 306 Integrated Amplifier is another serious solution for the 2-channel audio enthusiast. With the same proven Hybrid-Acoustic circuitry found in all of our integrated amplifiers and receivers, the MD 306 is built on the backbone of our MD 209's pre-amp and amplifier sections, boasting 125 Watts of output power with a flexible feature set.

301 integrated amplifiers  

MD 301
Similar to the MD 309, MD 307 and MD 306, the new MD 301 Integrated Amplifier incorporates this hybrid design in a product with an impressive list of specifications. Outputting 100 Watts into 8 Ohms (200W into 4 Ohms), and a flexible feature set, the MD 301 is far from 'entry-level'.

2 channel audio receiver


MD 209
Loaded with features, and stocked with Magnum Dynalab's unrelenting build quality and audio engineering, the MD-209 Hybrid Audio Receiver is a future-ready anchor for your high-performance home audio system.

Reviews of our Integrated Amplifiers

2 channel audio receiver


MD 109
Undeniably, the World's best FM Tuner. Designed to remain perpetually current, the MD 109 starts with receiving and delivering with sonic accuracy all terrestrial FM signals better than any FM tuner that we have ever developed.

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