MD 209 Hybrid FM Receiver

Hybrid Integrated Amplifier FM Receiver Tuner

The MD209 is the only receiver made in North America. It incorporates the amplifier from the MD306

that we couple to our Reference quality RF section from the MD108T and MD109. It also uses the same

Sifam precision meters as the 108T. This receiver offers a tremendous value to our customers. Many

customers are downsizing their systems and they can do so without sacrificing quality.


  • Wired with Kimber hyper pure cable
  • Cardas RCA inputs
  • WBT CE binding posts
  • 8 x 10,000 UF of filter
  • capacitors on the output section
  • 125 watts per channel at 8 ohms
  • 20 FM presets


  • silver faceplate
  • Built-in Burr Brown up-converting and over
  • sampling DAC. 2 co-ax and 1-USB input