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Following from our line-up of industry leading Analogue FM Tuners, our designers have taken our Triode series line-up to the next level of RF audio reproduction. Consistent with all Magnum Dynalab tuners, The Triode series features separate RF and audio sections, and is the first of our product lines to employ tube technology in the audio amplification stage. This provides a line of reference quality FM tuners for those customers with a special partiality for the tube experience.


MD-108T - Triode Tube Tuner
Dual MATRIX EYE Tube Tuning
Three Ultra-Sensitive Bandwidth Settings
TRACC ® Audio Circuitry


MD-106T - Triode Tube Tuner
Magic tuning eye for precise center tuning
MD Reference 6922 tubes in the audio stage
Fully complementary balanced design


MD-102T - Triode Tube Tuner
Gold plated contacts on all conductive surfaces
In house designed five stage tuning front end
MD Reference 6922 tubes in the audio stage


MD-90T - Triode Tube Tuner
In house designed three stage tuning front end
MD Reference 6922 tube in the audio stage
Printed circuit board is .093 thick to minimize vibration



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