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Integrated Amplifier  

The MD-308 Integrated Amplifer
Integrated Amplifer


MD-308 Integrated Amplifer from Magnum Dynalab

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Integrated Amplifer

Magnum Dynalab launches a reference standard for integrated amplifiers. The new MD-308 integrated amplifier is a high powered / high current design featuring cutting edge technology in both preamplifier and power amplifier design.

Based on the critically acclaimed amplifier section found in our MD-208 Discrete Audio receiver, the MD-308 integrated amplifier will be a welcome addition to the most discerning listener's music system.

Amplifier Section

Features & Benefits

  • torroidal transformer -- very stable and sound stage with deep bass extension

  • oxygen free wiring -- low distortion, high resolution

  • ultra linear matched components -- very tonally accurate sound

  • damping factor > 100 -- ultimate control of the speaker, quick musical dynamics

  • large heat sink surface area -- maintains a low operating temperature

  • class A/B -- efficient design and helps ensure a long component life, low power consumption

  • j-fets (input stage) -- they produce a very natural harmonic sound

Preamplifier Section

This section of the MD 308 has also been designed as a high performance stand alone component. The purpose of this section is to provide the customer with control functions that have the purist and shortest signal path, to ensure the continuation of "live concert" sound quality received from your source.

Features & Benefits

  • digital volume control - ensures long life and accuracy of output

  • six pairs of Gold Plated RCA inputs - allows the most accurate information transfer, flexibilty for adding other components to your system

  • electronic switching - eliminates noise from mechanical contacts, long life expectancy

  • full function remote control - ease of use, simple four button hand held

  • tape in -- a sound processor can be added to the signal path

Upgrade - The Precision Analog Remote System

The Precision Analog Remote System is now available as an option on all production Magnum Dynalab tuners, receivers and as an update to all previous Magnum Dynalab tuners and receivers. Click here for details.


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... for those who seek near-perfect frequency response across the audio spectrum, a well-defined sound stage, and transparency of reproduction in a well-integrated amplifier package, the MD 308 should be a welcome long-term guest - nay, permanent resident - in your home.
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