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The MD 208, a Discrete Audio Receiver, was built for the customer who wants the highest level of music reproduction. A one of a kind receiver which will make your listening dreams come true with fuller, more musical sound.

The three sections of the MD 208 RECEIVER are contained and hard wired in a rigid chassis, thereby eliminating noise, losses and coloration of the sound caused by interconnect cables and connectors.

Magnum Dynalab, with its years of experience in the FM tuner, preamplifier and amplifier business, has designed this RECEIVER combining the key design elements in each of the three discrete sections (FM tuner, preamplifier, amplifier). To ensure that the separate sections operate in isolation, the tuner and amplifier have their own shielded torroidal transformer. This MD 208 RECEIVER will outperform many combinations of separate components that cost considerably more.

The operation of the MD 208 RECEIVER is further enhanced by the user friendly full function remote control.


We have also designed the MD 208 RECEIVER so that each of the individual sections can be operated independently to add to the flexibility of the MD 208.

The MD 208 RECEIVER will be right at home either being used as your primary high performance sound system, part of your surround sound system or as a second system where you want high performance but would like the simplicity of an all-in-one package.

A switchable Home Theater input has been added to the MD208. Allowing you to utilize the MD208 in a Home Theater situation.

The MD208 actually becomes your stand alone amplifier for your main left and right speakers. The MD208 also allows total volume control through this input by an external surround processor.

Tuner Section

Magnum Dynalab has designed, for the MD 208, a special tuner section that reproduces the SOUND which places the listener "front row center." Around the world people have come to expect this performance from all Magnum Dynalab's FM tuners. Because of our commitment to great SOUND we have continued with an ANALOG FM tuner design for the MD 208.

Features & Benefits

  • Analog tuning - precise tuning to give the best reception (thus sound)

  • Four stage front end - provides station separation without affecting sound (in-house Magnum design)

  • Auto Blend RF Circuit -- Automatically monitors and adjusts stereo separation to maximise "stereo quieting", insuring the quietest stereo signal as possible. Greatly improving your listening quality.

  • Precision tunable matched IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers - ensures consistent specifications for adjacent channel separation, alternate channel separation and low distortion

  • Analog meters - easy to read to assist in operating the MD 208

  • Stand alone shielded torroidal transformer - reduces the noise floor of the receiver so that the quietest musical passages can be enjoyed

  • Ultra linear capacitors in the power supply - improve the frequency response of the music

  • Switchable (IF) bandwidth - flexibility in dealing with tough reception situations


usable sensitivity (stereo)

11.2 dBf

adjacent channel attenuation (wide)

> 12.0 dB

adjacent channel attenuation (narrow)

30.0 dB

audio frequency response (-1 dB)

10 Hz thru 17 KHz

THD (stereo)


stereo separation

50.0 dB

capture ratio

> 1.5 dB

signal to noise

80.0 dB

Amplifier Section

The amplifier in the MD 208 would be right at home operating either as a separate component in a high end stereo or surround sound system. The design criteria used is identical to that in the "top of the line" stand alone amplifers, giving you the customer the resolution, transparency, and extension in both the top and lower frequencies.

Features & Benefits

  • Torroidal transformer - very stable imaging and sound stage with deep bass extension

  • Oxygen free wiring - low distortion, high resolution

  • Ultra linear matched components - very tonally accurate sound

  • Damping factor > 100 - ultimate control of the speaker, quick musical dynamics

  • Large heat sink surface area - maintains a low operating temperature

  • Class A/B circuit design - efficient design and helps ensure a long component life, low power consumption

  • J-fet (input stage) - they produce a very natural harmonic sound



100 watts 8 ohm, 160 watts 4 ohm

current output

30 amps peak

distortion (THD)


damping factor

> 100


10 Hz_ 80 Khz +0, -3 dB

stereo separation

60.0 dB

capture ratio

> 1.5 dB

signal to noise

80.0 dB

Preamplifier Section

This section of the MD 208 has also been designed as a high performance stand alone component. The purpose of this section is to provide the customer with control functions that have the purist and shortest signal path, to ensure the continuation of "live concert" sound quality received from your source.

Features & Benefits

  • Digital volume control - ensures long life and accuracy of output

  • Six pairs of Gold Plated RCA inputs - allows the most accurate information transfer, flexibilty for adding other components to your system

  • Electronic switching - eliminates noise from mechanical contacts, long life expectancy

  • Full function remote control - ease of use, simple seven button hand held


maximum output

29 volts


34 dB

frequency response

20 Hz - 20 KHz + 0, -3 dB



signal to noise

96 dB



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