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The MD 307 Integrated Amplifier

The 3rd product to feature our in-house designed Hybrid-Acoustic circuitry, the MD 307 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is, on the inside, a twin brother to the widely acclaimed MD 309 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier. Only the faceplate design and lack of a front-panel touchscreen differentiates the two products, with the MD 307 featuring identical circuitry and functionality to the MD 309. With output specs worthy of inclusion in any high-performance home audio system, and build quality that will ensure many years of service, the MD 307 is for the 2-channel audio-enthusiast who puts a high premium on uncompromising performance, without incurring additional costs for cosmetic highlights.

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larger view of the MD 307   

Tube Integrated Amplifier - Highlights of the MD 307

  • HYBRID-ACOUSTIC CIRCUITRYTM. This unique and proprietary circuitry combines the musicality, soundstaging and audio realism of JJ 6922 CryoTubes with the crisp detail, harmonics and long-life of a solid state device.

  • POWERFUL and FLEXIBLE. Equipped with 40 Sanken output transistors to boost current after the tube gain stage, the MD-307 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is rated at 225 watts into 8 ohms (450 watts into 4 ohms), adequate output to drive the most demanding of speakers.

  • SIMPLE AND UNDERSTATED. The MD 307 is a product for audio-lovers, with the bulk of the build expense put into world-leading components and proprietary audio design features. The intuitive remote makes for easy operation, and the digital read-out provides easy-to-read feedback on the unitís function.

  • INTEGRATE ANY DIGITAL SOURCE COMPONENT. The MD 307 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier has an optional Digital-to-Analog converter, featuring our full-time upconverting and oversampling Burr-Brown design, 3 digital inputs (including USB, optical and RCA), and seamless operation through the remote or faceplate.

  • FLEXIBLE INPUTS. With 1 line-level pre-amp variable output, 2 Balanced (XLR) inputs and 3 single-ended analog inputs (including a Surround Sound Processor input for integration with multi-channel applications), PLUS 3 digital inputs (USB, optical and RCA), the MD-307 acts as the backbone for any home audio/video system.

  • AUDIO PROTECTION BOARD. The MD 307 comes equipped with a proprietary circuit to run regular diagnostics on the device, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the unit at all times.

  • MAGNUM DYNALAB BUILD QUALITY. Solid aluminum feet with Vibrapods Isolators, 24K gold plated .093" thick circuit boards, hefty internal heat-syncs and a burly chassis are all characteristics of our unrelenting commitment to quality.


The MD-307 comes with the MX-350 remote, our latest universally programmable remote control featuring soft touch buttons and a crisp digital display fully customizable to its users' preferences. Click here for details on the Remote for your Integrated Amplifier.

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