FM Antennas

FM Antennas

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FM antenna
FM Antennas
FM Antennas - FM antennas for your FM tuner.

FM Antennas - Overview

What's a Magnum Dynalab tuner without a high-quality FM antenna? For obvious reasons, we carry a line-up of omni-directional and directional, high-gain FM antennas to help you get the most out of your FM tuner. Be sure to check out our most popular FM antenna model, the ST-2.


MD-205 - Signal Sleuth FM Signal Amplifier
Amplifies weak FM signals cleanly
Attenuates strong, harsh signals without coloration
Stabilizes FM antenna (and FM cable) signals
Separates interfering adjacent-station signals
Reduces multipath problems


Sleuth FM Antennas

ST-2 - FM Omni-Directional AM/FM Antenna
Vertical 1/2 wave design
Indoor/Outdoor capability
Rugged stainless steel construction
54 inches plus stainless steel mounting bracket

ST-2 FM Antennas

SR-100 - Silver Ribbon Tuneable FM Antenna
Continuously tunable across FM dial
Helps reduce multi-path interference
Directional for best station orientation
Receives HDTV broadcasts with its UHF design

SR-100 FM Antennas


FM antennas of Magnum Dynalab

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