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On a daily basis, we receive telephone calls from people seeking advice regarding FM reception, including questions about our tuners.

We at Magnum Dynalab have prepared this Question and Answer sheet to help answer the most frequently addressed questions and situations.

If you seek additional information, please email us at, or feel free to call us toll free in North America at 1-800-551-4130 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Eastern Time.



I live in an apartment building. What is the best antenna for me to use?

The best options for you would be either the SR-100 ribbon antenna or the ST-2.

I am surrounded by mountains. Which antenna will give me the best reception?

Without a directional antenna, Multi-path will be a problem. A simple test will help you. As your car sits in your driveway, see if you can dial your car's stereo in to the station you wish to receive in your home. If your station comes in clearly, then you can be assured that a roof antenna and rotor will work for you in your home. The ST-2 may also work for you by placing it on its side, making it a directional antenna.

Can the ST-2 be placed in any direction, or is it only effective pointing in an upward direction?

The ST-2 can be placed in any direction. It is best to try it in different positions for maximum performance.

What are the maximum distances the your antenna will pull stations in from?

  • SR 100: Used for local reception only (Max 20 miles)
  • ST-2: Mounted outside, flat terrain (Max 30/50 miles)
  • MD 6FMand MD 10FM: With a mast and rotor, flat terrain (Max 90-150 miles)

How do Magnum Antennas compare with others?

Any indoor antenna is sensitive to positioning. The advantage of the SR100 is that it can be rotated to maximize reception. The ST-2 will outperform any indoor antenna, but works best when placed outdoors. The key to any antenna is the one that works best in your situation. This often requires a little experimentation with a few antennas.

Is RG59 the only cable for the ST-2? If not what else will work effectively?

RG59 is what we include with the ST-2. RG6 also is effective, because it has lower losses and better shielding. It is recommended to be used in runs longer than 25 feet.

Can I attach one length of cable to another via an adapter? Will this detract from the effectiveness of the antenna?

We do not recommend this method due to the Losses involved when using an adapter. If you choose this method, you must make certain that you are using exactly the same type of cable for both pieces. The effectiveness of the antenna will be affected by this, as there is approx. 2db of loss going through the connector.

Is it true that the longer the cable, the more it detracts from the reception?

Yes, most cable has approx 3-4 db loss per 100ft.

What exactly does the FM205 Signal Sleuth do?

The 205 does three things:

  1. the 205 can boost the signal 30db.

  2. the 205 can reduce the signal 30db.

  3. the 205 adds 3 stages of front end RF filtration, which cleans up and isolates the signal that you are listening to.

The key to the 205 is that it only manipulates the frequency that it is set to.

Can I actually over-compensate with any of the tuners by trying too hard to get good reception?

Yes. You can in fact get too much signal, which will overload the front end of the tuner, thereby producing poor sound quality. Magnum tuners, with our multiple stage front end, are not susceptible to front end overload.

Can the MD 6FM or MD 10FM be used effectively with the MD-205 Signal Sleuth?

Yes, it is an excellent combination.

Can the ST-2 be used in a car/vehicle?

Yes, the ST-2 can be used this way.

Can the ST-2 be used in marine applications?

Yes the ST-2 can be used this way.

Will the ST-2 perform better if I were to mount it to a mast on the roof?

Yes. The higher that you are able to mount the antenna, the better the performance.

Can any of your antennas be used for AM? If so, which one(s)?

Yes. The ST-2 can be used for AM.

What does DB mean?

db is a measurement of available power. Another measurement is micro-volts.

What does Gain mean?

Gain refers to the amount of power available.

What are the differences between the MD-90 and the FT101A?

The MD-90 is a completely new design based on the trickle down Magnum Dynalab technology of our flagship MD 108. Teh performance of the MD 90 is closer to that of the Etude than the FT 101A.

Why should I purchase a Magnum Dynalab tuner? What makes your tuners so different and/or better than the others?

Magnum Dynalab specializes in building only FM products (FM tuners, antennas, and antenna amplifiers). Our overall effort is to produce FM products that give the user the very best performance for their dollar. All of our tuners are pure analogue; from the front end RF section through to the tuning circuit. The benefit to you, the consumer, is that you have a tuner that has variable tuning across the entire bandwidth. All Magnum tuners have meters that allow the user to monitor that incoming signal. These features will maximize the performance of the tuner, as well as the entire system. Most important to the consumer, is the care that is put into the selection and alignment of critical components

How much better is the MD-100 than the MD-90?

35%., The differences between the MD-90 and the MD-100 is the specifications on the MD-100 are held to closer tolerances than the MD-90, also the MD-100 utilizes a 4 stage tuning front end rather than a 3 stage tuning front end. The MD-100 has balanced outputs as well as WBT RCA connectors, topped off with precision flywheel tuning to give the listener a cleaner more musical, easier listening experience. The key is the supporting cast ( I.E., amplifier, preamplifier, and source), which must be very good to get the full value of the MD-100. The MD-100 will achieve an overall superior level of musicality over the MD-90.

Can I use my incoming cable system as the antenna for my tuner?

Yes, however you will not be able to hear the full capability of our tuners because of the compression of the cable system.

Why Kimber wiring as an upgrade inside our tuner? What difference does it make? Will I notice the difference?

Being a "pure" silver wire, the Kimber will produce a more detailed sound, which is characteristic of any "pure" silver wire. Yes, you will hear a difference. The kimber wiring comes standard in the MD-108, and as an option in all other tuners.

What is the difference between the MD-100 and the MD-102?

The MD-102 has a five stage tuning r.f. filtration system surrounded by a aluminum chassis which allows for better sheilding, therefore lowering the noise coming the system. In the MD-102 you are giving the option of antenna swtching as well as specially tuned audio sections. The components of the MD-102 are slightly improved: you are given a higher current transformer as well as special low noise cpacitors to complete your ideal home listening room.

Why should I buy the DT-5 over the MD-90?

If performance of the FM band is most important the MD-90 is the right product for you. However if you want features of remote control, 30 presets, and AM, then the DT-5 is the right product for you.

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